International education and training in Queensland

The international education and training (IET) sector is a trade and investment success story in Queensland.

About 100,000 students from across the globe choose to pursue their education in Queensland.

At our schools, universities, English language intensives and vocational education and training providers; international students are discovering the benefits of a world-class education in Queensland – exciting employment outcomes, unrivalled lifestyle and warm and welcoming communities.

It is a significant contributor to the Queensland economy, and is the State’s second largest services export. Every year we calculate the contribution of international education and training to regional Queensland economies.

The IET industry enriches our community – culturally and socially. It strengthens Queensland’s relationships with other countries and our global connectivity, standing and reputation.

Trade and Investment Queensland’s education specialists, Study Queensland, collaborate with private and public providers to strengthen Queensland’s international education and training industry.

We actively promote our Study Queensland brand and profile our education and training strengths in overseas markets.

Queensland International Education and Training Strategy 2022-2027

The Queensland International Education and Training Strategy 2022-2027 sets out the vision and focus areas to support a strong sector and build a global talent pipeline for Queensland.

The Strategy builds on the sector collaboration fostered by the 2016-2026 strategy and reinforced by the 2021- 2022 roadmap through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Led by Study Queensland, Trade and Investment Queensland, collaborations across the Queensland Government will encourage international market development, foster quality student experiences and continue building regional capability. 

Through study clusters and regional forums, Study Queensland will engage with providers, research partners, business and industry statewide to coordinate action implementation across the state. 

The Strategy supports delivery of the Queensland Trade and Investment Strategy, the Queensland Workforce Strategy and Queensland’s broader economic strategy through the focus on attracting and developing global talent and fostering international training and education exports and investment for Queensland.

ELICOS Sector in 2020-2021 

Study Queensland commissioned English Australia to provide a report on the Australian (Queensland) ELICOS sector given the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.  

 This study outlines how losses in the ELICOS sector have flow on effects to other IET subsectors, and it identifies which markets have potential for growth opportunities from a Queensland perspective.

 The greatest decline in ELICOS enrolments was in Queensland.  In 2021, the direct economic contribution (tuition fees and living cost) from the ELICOS sector reduced 85 per cent compared to 2019.  Further, it was estimated that over 41,000 students discontinued their studies in another IET subsector in 2021 due to the pandemic. The total economic loss due to the international border closures was approx. $4.6 billion to the Queensland economy.

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