Agriculture: Your investment opportunity

Agriculture is big business in Queensland. 

Queensland’s primary industries export to over 130 destinations ensuring our agribusinesses have a wide reach in global markets and ongoing investment opportunities

The state is a significant global beef processor, servicing global markets with world class beef productsA wide range of agricultural industries also thrive across the state including sugar with 95% of the country’s crop in Queensland and cotton that produces a third of Australia’s output most years. 

By maximising our innovative processes and technologies, Queensland is well-positioned to meet the rising global food demand and challenges of climate change. 

Our new technology boom is radically changing farming and boosting productivity. 

The next generation of precision agriculture technology is being developed right here in Queensland – including automation and data analytics, genomics, and modelling and remote sensing.  

Agriculture Technology

Queensland-based investment opportunities are transforming food production. 

Technological advances in robotics, packaging, digital and wireless systems, weather and animal monitoring, and geospatial development will be critical to driving efficiency and productivity to meet the world’s food needs. 

Why Agtech in Queensland?

The Queensland agribusiness and food sector has a key role in providing safe, sustainable food and other commodities to an increasing global population. At 80%, Queensland has the highest proportion of land area compared to other states and territories managed for agriculture.

Queensland has a diverse and connected innovation ecosystem spanning remote, regional and urban settings. Established AgTech hubs, business clusters and networks provide a place to connect and collaborate. Through our AgTech programs and services, including start-up accelerators and Advance Queensland initiatives, the ecosystem is well placed to respond to challenges facing the agribusiness sector and unlock its full innovation potential.

Queensland has tropical and subtropical regions and a small temperate area, creating the perfect test bed for innovators to trial technology in a range of geographical locations and climatic conditions. Regional agribusiness hubs, such as Toowoomba, are strategically placed in proximity to these diverse climatic regions and industries, and alongside enabling infrastructure, providing unparalleled opportunities.

Queensland has proven to be Australia’s employment powerhouse, leading the nation in job creation with continued economic growth in recent years and a forecast 7.6% increase in employment by 2025–26. The Good people. Good jobs. Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032 is the Queensland Government’s plan for a strong, skilled and diverse workforce ready to seize today’s jobs and adapt to tomorrow’s opportunities, including through the evolution of the AgTech innovation ecosystem.

Queensland has high-quality, tried and tested tech solutions, products and services. An abundance of diverse and unique partnerships and investment opportunities are available in AgTech, positioning Queensland as an investor destination of choice.

The Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games sustainability commitments provide an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our circular economy and supply chains, high-quality food and fibre, and AgTech expertise, while strengthening trade and investment relationships.

The Queensland Government is committed to fostering a resilient and competitive economy through diverse business opportunities and global relationships. Queensland has a stable and responsive government that is committed to service delivery within the regions.

Future foods and plant-based proteins

Global food security relies on the development and delivery of new technologies to increase food production. Queensland has an abundance of natural resources and feedstocks, which – combined with world-class scientists and research institutions – provide a platform for investors to harness emerging opportunities in future foods. 


Queensland’s diverse fisheries, excellent growing conditions and research programs are poised to help meet global demand for quality seafood products. Terrestrial Aquaculture Development Areas encourage sustainable growth opportunities for investors in products such as prawns and barramundi

Quick glance at Queensland's agriculture sector

Case study: InFarm

InFarm is a Goondiwindi-based agricultural AI company focused on delivering groundbreaking technology to farmers.

They use state-of-the-art AI and advanced technology to develop tools that help producers become more profitable and efficient.

InFarm partners with Australian farmers as well as multinationals like Dell, Microsoft and Bayer, and is the only private enterprise in Australia to have received funding in Microsoft’s USD 50 million AI for Earth program.

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