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We're one of Australia's fastest- growing states at the cross- roads of the Asia Pacific region. There's never been a better time to help connect Queensland to the world. But when you join TIQ, it's about more than the impact you'll have. It's also the opportunities you'll find. Our people tell us there are four big reasons you'll value working with us.

Connect people with opportunity 

At TIQ, everything you do is about turning people’s dreams and ambitions into reality.

It’s about the sole owner of a regional chilli farm whose products have exploded across the globe – with some support and advocacy from you and your team. 

It’s about the Queensland - born cancer care company that now uses its incredible technology to save lives internationally – and you were there right from the start.

It’s big stuff. But for all of us, it’s about every little moment, every single day. Whatever your role, you’ll feel the satisfaction that comes with achieving something truly remarkable - with real people, great businesses and connected communities.

Move Queensland forward

What unites everyone at TIQ is our deep passion for Queensland – and our belief that we can help make it even better.

You can see it in the care and commitment our teams show every day. The work you’ll do here is absolutely pivotal in shaping an even better state – for the people who live here, and for the remarkable businesses that trust and invest in us.

Whether you’re right at the heart of it or behind the scenes, it feels good to be part of something good!

With every conversation or connection... with every business you support... with every deal you help make happen – you’re contributing to something that really matters. It has to be Queensland.

Forge a purposeful career

Our people tell us a career with TIQ is like no other - and that you’ll love what you get to build here.

You’ll have exposure to some of the most exciting export and investment projects in the world. And you’ll be close to the action, delivering great outcomes, shoulder to shoulder with people who value your support and advocacy.

So, if you care about growing your skills and gaining experience that’s hard to find elsewhere...

If you’re a problem- solver who loves interesting and challenging work...

And if you want to forge a unique and powerful career story that sets you up for the future...

Join us and make it happen.

Shape and Share in our future

At TIQ, diversity is our strength. Here, you’ll be truly valued for the unique perspectives and experience you bring.

You can help us impact more people and their businesses, and to progress TIQ as a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Our work is varied and always evolving. And our teams are no different. That’s about shaping our direction for the future, and what it means to build a career with us. 

It won’t always be easy, and we know it will take time. But we’re listening and learning from our people about the TIQ they want to be a part of. 

So, if you’re up for a challenge – there’s never been abetter time for you to have your say.

Meet Our People

Our people have diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. But what unites us all is a passion for doing our best for Queensland. At TIQ, you'll find people who genuinely enjoy solving problems, negotiating outcomes, building relationships and connecting people with opportunity. But most importantly, you'll find people who pull together to achieve incredible results.

Hear Our Stories

It’s understandable for an international student to feel a little homesick as they find their feet in a new country. Not so for Manatsu Ishida! From the moment she landed in Brisbane, Manatsu knew she’d found a home away from home.

“My experience in Queensland is an absolute treasure for me,” says Manatsu, who grew up in Tokyo. “The good weather, the nice environment, the friendly people - these were the biggest things for me. I loved the student life in Queensland.”

Manatsu immersed herself in the Sunshine State for five years. While completing a Bachelor of International and Hotel Tourism Management at the University of Queensland, she developed her English skills, travelled interstate and worked for a study abroad agent - gaining incredible life experiences along the way.

“I had such a wonderful time in Queensland that I wanted to give something back. I thought it would be great to find a role where I could help build upon the connection between Japan and Australia. When I found out about the position at TIQ, it was a perfect opportunity.”

Today, Manatsu is a Business Development Officer at the TIQ Japan office in Tokyo. By supporting clients across a range of sectors - including education, energy, health, and innovation and technology - she plays a key role in connecting Queensland with greater growth, innovation and economic prosperity.

“The Queensland government sees the bigger picture of moving the state forward for a better future. At TIQ, our role is to take a more micro-level perspective to help make that happen. Whether it’s a big investment project or a small-scale student exchange, these make the Queensland economy more wealthy. TIQ supports these projects to make a brighter future for Queensland.”

Andrew Letton’s favourite part of his role is educating U.S. businesses and investors about the benefits of Queensland. Whether it’s selling the value of the Sunshine State’s diverse and educated workforce, its thriving economy or simply the weather, Andrew loves the moment when something really ‘clicks’ for an investor. He also enjoys arranging meet and greets to help Aussie businesses connect with American investors and understand the market. Because, with each connection he facilitates, Andrew knows he’s potentially paving the way for hundreds of Queensland jobs in the future.

“You sit in those meetings with Aussie companies and see a potential buyer or investor make a connection, and that’s really exciting! It’s knowing the things you do today could create jobs for Queenslanders tomorrow. That is really tangible. These jobs don’t get created overnight, it’s a slow burn, but it’s tangible,” Andrew says.

While many Americans might struggle to name Queensland’s capital city, Andrew and his team find that once investors are made aware of what the state can offer, they want to know more!

“Time and time again, we see Queensland business owners and founders just smashing it here in the States, which is fantastic to see,” Andrew says.

“TIQ has taught me just how rewarding government work can be. I mean, you always hear that the public service has an impact. But in this role, I really feel like it does! I'm just excited for all the possibilities at TIQ that I haven't even thought of yet!”

In the converted residential TIQ office in Bangalore, her home away from home, Annette D’silva is surrounded by research on crop prices, holographic technology, wine tariffs and new skincare products. You name it, it’s likely crossed Annette’s desk at some stage! Because here, in the centre of India’s hustling tech and startup capital, Annette is spoilt for choice on which sector to focus her prodigious energies.

Considered the gateway to numerous untapped South Asian markets, India represents one of the most exciting opportunities for Australian businesses. With its rising middle class seeking quality consumer goods and the world’s largest population, Annette says there is enormous potential for Queensland to capitalise on.

“Right now, the whole world is looking at India. There is so much opportunity here. We have 1.4 billion people - where else will you get such a large consumer base?”

Plus, Annette notes that all things Queensland are currently trending on the subcontinent and it’s crucial to make the most of this opportunity!

“Queensland is turning a lot of heads in India these days. It’s such an interesting time for the state, especially with the Brisbane Olympics and Paralympics coming up. So, it really is time for Queensland to shine and that means it’s the perfect time to work with India.”

“What gets me excited? I think it’s getting to do something different every day. For example, this afternoon, I’m meeting with a cosmetics company, and then it’s another meeting to discuss avocado imports, and after that, I’m getting some new information on medical devices. That’s what I love in this role; it’s just so diverse. It’s not very often you are this lucky to learn across so many areas in one job. It’s unique in every aspect.”

While many people in Australia commute to their workplace in one way or another, spare a thought for Ray. His weekly commute involves a 600km one-way trip from his home in Osaka to the TIQ Japan office in Tokyo!

“I catch the bullet train, which travels 250km per hour,” Ray says. “It departs Osaka at 6am and I arrive in Tokyo at 9am. I will stay in Tokyo from Monday to Thursday, then go back to Osaka. I do this trip every two weeks. It is a very comfortable journey. This is why the Commissioner for Japan calls me ‘Bullet Ray’!”

The Shinkansen bullet train network is just one example of Japan’s ability to deliver world-leading innovation. The TIQ Japan team connects Queensland with innovative Japanese technology every day. Ray works closely with businesses - from tech start-ups to established performers - to set them up for success in our state’s dynamic economy.

“My role is to manage bilateral investment - Queensland to Japan and Japan to Queensland - covering all the sectors, including agriculture, education, medical, trade industry, and others. Our mission is to prepare the customer to work comfortably and confidently in Queensland, as well as satisfying our Commissioner.”

Ray has built his 40-plus-year career on a keen eye for innovation and business opportunities. He’s worked in senior positions for various power technology and defence companies and was even involved in developing wearable computing technology for United States unclassified military personnel.

Since joining TIQ Japan in 2022, Ray has continued his powerful and unique career story. Most recently, he was involved in a groundbreaking agreement to build a complete manufacturing supply chain for vanadium flow batteries - a greener, longer-lasting energy storage solution - in Townsville, North Queensland.

Few appreciate better than Li Chen why TIQ’s biggest overseas office is in Shanghai, the gateway to China. In recent decades, Li’s home city has become a cosmopolitan commercial and financial hub, attracting investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Yet, when Li was a child in the 1980s, Shanghai felt like a very different place indeed.

“I still remember, when I was young, looking across the Huangpu River to the east side, Pudong was still a vast area of low-rise houses and tracts of farmland. In 1990, this all began to change and now with 30-odd years of development, the rice paddies and farmland have turned into skyscrapers in Pudong! The world’s attention is now on Shanghai.”“ Li says.

Today, the Pudong district of Shanghai offers countless opportunities for businesses looking to expand into the Chinese market, and for people like Li to play a key role in making that happen.

“Now that we truly are an international city, people have the chance to get jobs with international organisations like TIQ. Plus, international companies, like those from Queensland, can now localise their business strategies in the Chinese market and can grow up into this market.”

Shanghai’s speedy transition to global city status has enabled Li to build an impressive career in international business and trade, first with a Japanese private corporation and now with TIQ as Senior Business Development Manager. Li says at TIQ, she’s also found true connection with like-minded people.

Alita has continually challenged herself at TIQ and established an impressive career. But the path she’s taken is a little different from what you might expect.

Early on in her career with TIQ, Alita was responsible for supporting Queensland’s emerging industries, as Acting Principal Trade Officer, and couldn't think of anywhere else she’d rather be. But when her husband was offered a position in Beijing, Alita resigned from TIQ to relocate to China with her family.

On returning to Australia several years later, Alita knew she wanted to work with TIQ again. Unfortunately, there were no roles on offer at her level. It’s a testament to Alita’s determination and passion for the work we do that she applied for a junior role with us instead.

“I had to have an internal dialogue with myself to apply,” Alita says. “But the thing with TIQ is it’s such a unique organisation. For someone like me, who has a degree in international business, there really is no other government agency I’d want to work for. There’s the impact, too. Everyone you speak to who is client-facing has the same love and desire to help our clients.”

After a few weeks in an administration position, we were able to offer Alita a Senior Trade and Investment Officer role. From there, Alita continued to progress into ever more challenging positions, including Principal Trade Officer in the Health, Innovation and Technology team, managing the health and life sciences sector onshore, and Manager of Global Relations for Study Queensland for a short period. Then, she secured her current Director position with our New York office in July 2023. Alita says every role at TIQ has helped her grow.

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