Julie Mark

Principal Trade and Investment Officer, Ipswich

Julie Mark is an experienced trade and investment officer who has worked in various trade development roles for the Queensland Government for the past 10 years. She also has hands-on experience in starting and running a family landscaping business, and is well aware of the opportunities and challenges of small to medium-sized enterprises.

Julie has high-level skills in business planning and marketing, a strong understanding of international trade arrangements, and an extensive network of business and government contacts. She can help you make your business export ready, provide insights and introductions in relation to export opportunities, and suggest strategies to attract investment.

Julie has facilitated export and investment opportunities for numerous Queensland companies, including high-value deals in the Middle East, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Her experience spans transport, education, mining, water management, and a range of other industries.

Julie holds business qualifications and recently completed Austrade investment training. She lives in Ipswich, and is passionate about contributing to the region’s development.

Julie Mark
Principal Trade and Investment Officer

Ipswich office

PO Box 2390
North Ipswich QLD 4305