Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and Queensland’s second-largest trading partner.


The Japanese Government is aiming to boost the domestic economy and drive consumer demand for items such as:

  • niche and safe foods
  • globally oriented education and training opportunities.

It is also seeking to cement trade partnerships, including outbound investment.


The Japan–Australia Economic Partnership Agreement offers access to, and advantages in, the Japanese market for Australian exporters.


Japan’s science, technology and innovation strategy makes it an attractive partner country for research and collaborative commercialisation opportunities.

Japan’s future economic growth will come from knowledge-based industries such as:

  • IT
  • biotechnology
  • robotics
  • nanotechnology
  • environmental technology
  • new materials
  • space technology.

Japan is well poised to collaborate with Queensland on R&D and commercialisation. With an ageing population, the Japanese Government provides support to Japan’s medical research industry to meet future challenges.

Mt Fujiama rising above behind Tokyo

Japan opportunities



  • Coal and LNG
  • Horticulture and fresh produce
  • Processed and functional food
  • Red meat and dairy products
  • Education and training
  • Direct investment
  • Innovative technology


  • Advanced healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Research collaboration
  • Robotics
  • Food
  • Education
  • Resources


  • Advanced health care
  • Advanced robotics
  • Education and training
  • Food
  • Smart technology
    • Smart homes
    • Smart vehicles
    • Digital marketing