Taiwan is evolving into a smart, diversified economy with a strong reputation for innovation and unique position as the gateway to China and ASEAN.


The driver of Taiwan’s economy is the high personal disposable income of its citizens who demand high quality food, education, and products and services.

Taiwan’s Productivity 4.0 is a US$1.13 billion, nine-year initiative across key sectors to help build smart diversified production facilities.

These sectors include:

  • IT
  • transportation
  • machinery
  • food and agriculture

Taiwan is one of the most innovative countries in the world measured by numbers of patents lodged and international designs awarded.


Taiwan is Queensland’s fifth largest export market and its unique relationship with China makes it an important market for Queensland companies.

Taiwan’s close engagement with China, its ageing demographic and need for food and energy security will drive opportunities for Queensland in the future.

Taiwan is expected to be one of the oldest populations by 2030, requiring sophisticated aged care infrastructure and services.

Currently Taiwan imports almost all of its energy needs. Greater energy security will drive its increasing interest in renewable energy applications in wind, tidal and solar.

Alternative fuels, such as biofuels, will also become a priority.


Taiwan is a major investor in mainland China.

Taiwan’s advanced economy is considered a gateway to China and ASEAN, with its multi-billion dollar investment footprint in these countries.

Renewable energy a focus for Taiwan.

Taiwan opportunities



  • Education and training
  • Energy
  • Fresh food
  • Processed food
  • Packaged food and ingredients
  • Technology
  • Meat


  • Renewable energy and biofuels
  • Advanced technology
  • Aged care services
  • Premium, Functional and Organic foods
  • Robotics
  • Biofuels
  • Advanced manufacturing

Sector opportunities in Taiwan

Renewables to meet 8% of energy needs by 2025

Urban infrastructure

Most of Taiwan’s large cities are undertaking ambitious urban renewal plans for smart cities that will procure a broad range of state-of-the-art goods and services including

  • sustainability
  • energy efficiency
  • internet connectivity
  • liveable built environments

Imported 15.5 Billion dollars of food in 2014

Food and agribusiness

Taiwan is placing high priority on food quality and safety, demanding clean and safe products, and has one of the world’s highest per capita consumption rates of fresh fruit.

Opportunities exist for:

  • red meat
  • natural and certified organic food
  • fresh fruit
  • high quality packaged food
  • food ingredients
VET training enrolments have tripled in last 3 years.

Education and training

Education and training continues to be a big demand push for Australia particularly in English-language and vocational education and training.

Taiwan is Queensland’s fifth largest source country for students.

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