Queensland is an Australian leader in technological infrastructure

The Southeast Queensland region offers: 

  • the fastest connection point to Asia on Australia’s east coast, 
  • the second-fastest connection to the USA, and
  • a high-speed connection to Sydney (18 TBps internationally and 24 TBps to interstate locations). 

This is via a 550 km undersea fibre-optic cable connected to the 7,000 km Japan–Guam–Australia South cable. 

Cybersecurity for business

Queensland is the only Australian state to host three government-backed Cyber Security Innovation Nodes. Located in the capital of Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and in Townsville, these nodes enhance cybersecurity for business – with a focus on knowledge industries such as financial technology, advanced manufacturing and defence. 

Benefits include:

  • increased cybersecurity capability and protection,
  • cybersecurity talent and education programs, and
  • support for cybersecurity exports.

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