Sophisticated infrastructure

Queensland’s government-owned world-class infrastructure delivers major business efficiencies and supports strong investment returns.

It’s easy to keep your products and your people moving across Australia and around the world via our comprehensive air, road, rail, port, and pipeline infrastructure:

  • 6500 km (4000 miles) of regional rail
  • 21 seaports
  • 8 major domestic airports 
  • 5 directly connected international airports

Queensland is home to:

  • Fastest telecommunications submarine cable to Asia 
  • Second-fastest telecommunications network (to the USA) 

Queensland leads Australia in areas such as technological infrastructure and renewable energy.

The Queensland Electric Super highway is the world’s longest in a single state, with 31 fast-charging sites, and more coming online, spread along 1700 km (1056 miles).

Our State Infrastructure Plan for Queensland assures further strategic growth – committing A$51.8 billion over four years for new roads, bridges, airports, and railways.

With future-focused industry roadmaps. a government-led green energy transition and strong regional economies, Queensland is accelerating a pipeline of investment and growth.  

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