Advanced manufacturing: Your investment opportunity

Queensland is leading the way in advanced manufacturing. Our established network of research and development institutions, a highly skilled workforce and strong infrastructure are driving innovation and stimulating industry growth.

Thanks to our enviable position in the Asia–Pacific region, Queensland-based businesses are well placed to design and develop sophisticated products that add value at every stage of the global supply chain.

Aviation and Aerospace

The global market outlook for aerospace presents a major advantage for investors in Queensland. This includes opportunities around the new joint strike fighter global fleet supply, large-scale super alloy casting for jet engine castings, heat treatment for avionics and components, and new opportunities for composites and advanced materials.


Queensland has a strong defence industrial base and world-class capabilities in a range of areas. Increased research and development in defence is creating opportunities for investors in Queensland. This includes a particular focus on unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drones – as well as manufacturing of heavy vehicles, fibre-reinforced composites, and metal-composite hybrid materials for light weighting.


Queensland has a rich history in space and key research and development organisations that support the space industry. New opportunities exist around the development of space infrastructure and an industry supply chain to service it. This includes launch activities, ground systems, earth observation, niche manufacturing, and robotics and automation for space.

Case Study: Rheinmetall Defence Australia

Queensland is now home to the most advanced military vehicle manufacturing facility in Australia. Under a long-term partnership with the Queensland Government, Rheinmetall Defence Australia has established its Australia–New Zealand Headquarters and Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Ipswich.

Photo source: Rheinmetalleteall

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