Infrastructure and urban development: Your investment opportunity

Queensland is Australia’s most decentralised mainland state, with more than half of the population living outside our capital city. This means infrastructure is always a priority industry that is hungry for investment. Our growing and diversifying economy and increasingly skilled workforce require smarter infrastructure that can support our ambitions for tomorrow.

Catalytic Infrastructure

Infrastructure has always played an essential role in ensuring a strong and resilient Queensland. It supports our growing communities, encourages employment outcomes, and enables delivery of critical services.

A certain and responsive infrastructure pipeline is key to industry recovery. Recognising this, the Queensland Government is committed to a record four-year $107.262 billion capital program. Queensland’s Big Build will see the right infrastructure delivered in the right place and at the right time, creating jobs and supporting communities.will see the right infrastructure delivered in the right place and at the right time, creating jobs and supporting communities.

Queensland has a strong reputation for ongoing public and private investment in catalytic infrastructure – led by roads, water distribution, sewage and wastewater, stormwater, and transport. As they are essential to unlocking Queensland’s full potential, these projects represent excellent opportunities for investment. 

Case study: Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

Positioned alongside the research-focused Griffith University, as well as two hospital facilities and 9.5 hectares of future commercial buildings, the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct represents key forward-thinking infrastructure designed to drive knowledge-based growth in Queensland. With A$5 billion in investment, the precinct is a technology and innovation hub that is attracting clinical expertise.

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