The Future of Gaming is in Queensland

Digital games are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world, and Queensland is levelling up its top-tier games development industry with the strongest competitive incentives in Australia. 

Our state boasts several AAA studios and a growing indie market that has developed some of the most successful mobile games of all time. Add Queensland’s gaming development pedigree to Australia’s most generous tax rebate and you have got Australia’s best destination for gaming development investment. Giving companies an unbeatable opportunity for success from homebase with a lifestyle that is the envy of the world.    

Quick glance at Queensland's digital games industry

New Incentives for Game Studios

The Advance Queensland Screen Industry 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan outlines our vision for Queensland to be a globally recognised commercial and creative leader in the games industry. 

Studios establishing themselves in Queensland can take advantage of the: 

  • Digital Games Incentive, a 15 per cent tax rebate; 

  • Federal Digital Games Tax Offset, a 30 per cent tax offset; and 

  • Games Grants Program, which supports projects with up to AUD 90,000 funding. 

  • With a strong culture of innovation supported by over 20 years of government investment and focus, the Queensland government’s Advance Queensland initiative has invested $755 million in the state’s innovation ecosystem through various funding and support programs, and has attracted a further $965 million from program partners. 

" Queensland has a history of developing world-renowned video games and is home to some amazing and well-known game development studios…This new game incentive, coupled with the Federal Digital Games Tax Offset to be introduced in July 2022, will ensure that Queensland will see a surge in employment and economic return for those companies creating games and game related technologies…with Queensland now potentially set to become one of the most attractive places for game development anywhere in the world. "

Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA

Talent Pathways

Queensland-based companies have world-leading game development capabilities. Thanks to a dynamic mix of government-backed resources, a considerable talent pool and globally-renowned universities, our gaming ecosystem is truly primed for growth.  

This includes an in-house commercial production studio at Griffith Universitywhich is the largest film school of its kind in AustraliaAlong with the state-of-the-art, AUD 60 million Creative Industries Precinct at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Hundreds of developers are graduating in Queensland each year, and Brisbane alone already has over 1,300 professionals working on first-rate titles, a figure that’s growing at 7 per cent annually.  

The Queensland Government is also fostering local talent and significant innovation in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (IR) and immersive technology through the Queensland XR Hub. The Hub is a forward-thinking incubator that connects local capability with international industry, investors and premium technology. 

Local council support is also being provided through initiatives like the Gold Coast’s Screen Attraction Program. The only one of its kind in Australia, the program includes digital games and aims to contribute to the growth of the screen sector in the city, which contributes around $590 million annually to the local economy.  

Pair these with some of the most generous incentives available – and a pro-business government that gives games companies every opportunity for success – and you’ve got Australia’s best destination for gaming investment.  

Success Stories

South-east Queensland is already home to some of the most recognisable names in mobile and indie gaming.  

Prime examples of our local games talent include: 

The world’s number one developer of mobile games. It released the first title for Apple Arcade (Zombie Anarchy) and several other renowned games, such as Ballistic Baseball and Oregon Trail. (Image credit: Gameloft)
Creators of Fruit Ninja, one of the top ten most downloaded mobile games of all time, and Jetpack Joyride. Several of its games have also been adapted for virtual reality. (Image credit: Halfbrick)
Australia’s largest publicly listed games developer and stewards of top-tier intellectual property, such as The Walking Dead, Jumanji and Lego Batman.(Image credit: PlaySide Studios)
Brisbane-based AAA digital games studio focussed on the Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 and mainstream titles like Zelda, Sonic Mania and Cities: Skylines with its long term DLC support as well as more digital distribution projects. (Image credit: Tantalus)
An indie developer whose globally popular “zen puzzle game”, Unpacking, recently won a string of accolades (including the BAFTA Game of the Year and Eurogamer’s Game of the Year).  (Image credit: Witch Beam)

Queensland VR developers are also responsible for two of the top 20 globally selling VR games.  

Why Queensland?

Queensland is currently one of the fastest growing economies in Australia, and interstate migration is at its highest level in almost 20 years. By 2032, Brisbane will be a city of over three million residents with a growing 25–34 year age group.   

Brisbane has been named the host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will put a global spotlight on the state and further create ongoing economic opportunity for Queensland.   

With an exciting blend of cosmopolitan city living, idyllic beaches and relaxed outdoor lifestyle, Queensland offers the perfect lifestyle mix that’s conducive to nurturing creative talent and achieving a healthy work-life balance.   

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