Biofutures: Your investment opportunity

Queensland is leveraging our ecological advantages and sophisticated infrastructure to become a centre of industrial biotechnology in the Asia–Pacific region. As a highly developed economy in the tropics, Queensland’s ideal conditions allow us to transform high-quality and high-yield feedstocks into bioproducts. Backed by our sophisticated agriculture industry and expanding renewable energy sector, Queensland is ideally placed to fuel the Asia-Pacific with sustainable organic and waste resources.

Biofuels and Biochemicals

Queensland has growing investment opportunities around biofuels, thanks to established agriculture, forestry, and engineering infrastructure. This includes developing advanced biochemicals derived from forestry and agricultural sector residue, purpose-grown crops (such as woody biomass or algae), and urban waste.


With global demand for 100 per cent recyclable bioplastics accelerating, Queensland is building strong and future-focused infrastructure to become a leader in this area. Potential areas of investment include initiatives around high-yield cultivars and commercialisation of fibre and composite products.

Quick glance at Queensland's biofutures sectors

Case study: Idemitsu

Idemitsu Australia Resources is conducting ongoing biomass trials at its Ensham coal mine near Emerald, in which crops grown at the site will be processed into pellets to fuel Japanese power stations. Idemitsu is working with Queensland companies to make the pellets, which are a lower-emission alternative to fossil fuels. The project is trialing fast-growing crops such as sorghum as a sustainable biomass source. 

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