With a resilient and diverse economy, pro-business government, solid growth forecast, highly skilled workforce and a strategic Asia-Pacific location, Queensland offers international investors endless opportunities across a range of sectors.

Why Invest In Queensland?

There is a mindset that is different in Queensland… an attitude that there are lots of possibilities.Paul Henry, Founder/Senior Principal, Populous

Queensland has many natural, economic and structural advantages.

Proximity to global markets

Ideally positioned at the crossroads of the Asia-Pacific, Queensland is close to the growth markets of the world, providing a strong advantage as an investment destination.

Queensland’s position in a compatible time-zone with Asian countries and other international destinations makes the state a preferred location for doing business during normal business hours with those in the same time-zone.

Australia is also an ideal location for businesses with offices in Europe and in the Americas, as its time-zone spans the close of business in the Americas and the opening of Europe’s trading day.

Stable economy

Queensland has a strong, stable economy, pro-business government and solid economic growth. It was recently ranked as the world’s eighth-most resilient economy to economic cycles (IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014).

Skilled workforce

Queensland’s workforce is highly skilled, motivated and employment-ready. Its diversity and flexibility give potential investors a broad choice of skilled workers who have enjoyed world-class education and skills-training institutions. The state’s population is estimated to double to around 9.1 million people by 2056 — making our workforce even bigger and better.

Ease of doing business

The World Bank’s Doing Business 2013 report ranked Australia tenth overall out of 185 economies for ease of doing business and second for ease of establishing a business, saying that it took an average of just two days to start a business here.

Solid legal framework

Queensland has effective regulation of contracts, loans, banking, real estate and the stock market, and full protection of intellectual property and patents.

Reliable infrastructure

Queensland offers a reliable supply chain, with high-quality road, rail, port and airport infrastructure. The state led Australia in civil and building construction in 2013.

Market access

Queensland has free trade agreements with key trading partners.

Enviable lifestyle

Subtropical climate and lifestyle, a world-class education system and advanced health services make Queensland an ideal place to live and work.

Good industry reputation

Our internationally renowned agriculture, construction, resources and tourism industries are complemented by dynamic and growing knowledge in intensive and enabling industries.

Snapshot of Queensland

Source: *Australian Bureau of Statistics.

  • Capital city: Brisbane
  • Queensland time zone: GMT +10:00
  • Climate: Subtropical
    • Summer: 20 to 29°C
    • Winter: 9 to 22°C
  • Coastline: 6,973km
  • Total Area: 1.734 million km2
  • Population*:
    • Queensland: 4.8 million*
    • Greater Brisbane: 2.3 million*
  • Official language: English
  • Currency: Australian dollars (AUD$)
  • International airports: Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast